OSS Delivers For Sabah

Dr. Mingu Jumaan
State Computer Service Department,
Sabah State Government
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Dr. Mingu Jumaan is the Director of the Sabah State Computer Services Department. He also acts as State ICT Chief Security Officer, the Secretariat for both the State Chief Information (CIO) and State Public Service ICT Security Committee. He is a member in a number of IT technical committees, such as a member of the State Inter-Agencies Planning Group for IT sector and also Chairman of the Sabah State Government Computer Emergency Response Team (sgCERT). He has 25 years working experience in Information Technology.
His academic qualifications include B. Sc. (Computer Science & Applied Mathematics) from Western Michigan University, M. Sc (Computer Science) from Central Michigan University and Ph. D (Computer Science) from the University of Malaya.


It is a major concern by Sabah state public organizations to ensure that their service delivery systems are efficient and effective to meet the changes expected by their customers and business entrepreneurs whom are continuously seeking better value for their money, faster response to their needs and greater convenience. Thus, it is inevitable that the Sabah State public service has to move forward to meet these changes and has initiated an administrative renewal in ensuring that its existing service delivery system is transformed to be more efficient and effective. To achieve the administrative renewal in the state public service, the development and implementation of application systems using OSS as well as on the implementation of Open Office usage among the civil servants has been initiated as to materialise further the state EG initiative. Through the delivery of OSS, IT is being used solely not to automate the business processes but to help the transformation of the public services. However, in the process of executing these transformation, a few challenges are faced, especially in the use of OSS. Besides that, critical success factors are also taken into account that determined theaccomplishment of the administrative renewal through OSS.