Strategic technical and informative presentations and discussions will be held during the Plenary sessions and Forums that align to further sub-themes as follows:

1. OSS Delivers For Better Government Digital Transformation
Open Source Software has defied its sceptics and has become a mainstream business. Its developments and innovations are in line with emerging government trends as reported by IDC for 2012: operational efficiency, mobility, smart government and economic sustainability. Governments at the national, state and local levels across the globe are requiring adoption of Open Source philosophy and technologies towards better Government Digital Transformation. At the forefront, OSS technologies are powering solutions for Open Government and Open Data.

2. Open Source Paving The Future Of Cloud, Big Data, Mobile And Social Strategies
Open source development and innovation are overtaking conventional development and leading innovations in new technologies: cloud, big data, mobile and social business. Open source solutions power social media and networks while catering for the ever changing requirements and demands. On mobile, open source dominates the operating systems platform, with significant share of mobile applications developed on open source.

3. Licensing, Ownership And Innovation
Open source model of innovation does not only seem practical in the software industry, but also in various other industrial contexts and the public sector. Session for exploration of the determinants of open source license choice and how the licensing policies and decisions shaped not just by the preferences of the licensor itself, but also by that of the end users of government sector. The rise of Open Source movement presents an opportunity for developing countries to participate in frontier innovation.

4. Open Source Towards Self Reliance And Nation Building
Organisations are increasingly adopting open-source software as a way to gain competitive advantage rather than just a cost-savings measure. Open source development model provides the resources and mechanism towards building knowledgeable, collaborative and innovative community. Open source also contributes in nurturing knowledge society and knowledge economy toward becoming high income nation. It can play a strategic role in increasing national competitiveness and making Malaysia as technology exporter.

5. OSS Security
Information security is the biggest challenge for network and security administrators. The security of Open Source Software is a key concern for organisations planning to implement it as part of their software. Mainstream OSS has reached a maturity level where it can provide higher security, surpassing its proprietary alternatives. While there are myths and concerns about the security of open source solutions, most packaged security appliances are built from open source security solutions.


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MyGOSSCON 2012 Conference is an annual event and this year is the 6th year of the event. The event is organized for all who are interested with the development and implementation of Open Source Software (OSS).

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